Ahmad Al Hamdan: About the integration of Muslims into American society

I was reading a book titled “America the land of contradictions” by Mazin Muwafāq Hāshim. The book was written in Arabic even though it’s author is a professor at the University of Southern california.

The book is on sociology, and focuses mainly on the American society. It includes a whole study on the Arab diaspora whom migrated to America.

We have a problem occurring when the the first generation speaks in English even though originally it’s mother language is Arabic! This results in major differences appearing in the second generation.

They are keen on learning the language of the country they were born in, yet they are unfamiliar with their original language, and are very weak in it. This generally means that the third generation will only speak the language of the country of birth.

The longer you spend in the west the more your children are distanced away from their original culture.

It’s worth mentioning that the Jews managed to preserve there identity and culture even though they lived centuries in the state of diaspora.

Shaykh Abu Qatadah said:

“What preserved the Jews in the west and prevented their extinction even though they were a minority, is the presence of their own private schools and centers. The west did try to defame the Jews, but they were successful in preserving themselves through private schools”. [Al-Jawab Al-Mufeed p.36].

To conclude, if there were private schools and centers with a major effect on the Arab families in the west, as well as an agreement on the importance of preserving their identity, we would not be seeing the disintegration we see today. However, unfortunately a lot look at the integration in the identity of others as a sign of progress.

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